Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Cocktail Time !!! - part 2

So... it's the time... ;)

It's already May 26th here in Indonesia... so I think it's my time to show my work .. ;)

The kind of cocktail that I got is TEQUILA SUNRISE, which I'm glad cause the color is not pink... [gosh... pink is just my weak point... ;)]

Since this is my first Blog Hop, so I just made whatever I could with the color of Tequila Sunrise. I made 2 pcs of accessories, and they're actually not a set.. not connected one with another..

Here's the first one :
A pair of earrings, made from yellow plastic roses, transparent orange glass beads & antique brass findings. 

And the second one :
A medium size necklace using glossy varnished clay roses with each color represents the ingredients of Tequila Sunrise itself. Maroon for the grenadine syrup, yellow for freshly squeezed orange juice, and orange for orange slice as the garnish. Other materials are antique brass.

Well, I really cross my fingers now.. hoping that both of them could meet the requirement for this Cocktail Hour Blog Hop.. ;)

After 'enjoying' my works, please hop to other blogs and find many lovely pieces of the blog hop participants.

Last but not least, thanks a lot to Amy Freeland as the Hostess from :  Copper Diem
for included me in this blog hop. 

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  1. I like those earrings...they totally look like the drink :)

  2. I think your color selection was PERFECT! It screams tequila sunrise! Nice job!

    1. thaaanks.. Patti... actually i envy you a bit coz you got my favorite color... ;D
      the necklace is gorgeous!

  3. Delicious! Great job capturing the colors & flavor of a Tequila Sunrise.

  4. the earrings perfectly capture the layers in a tequila sunrise, nice work!

  5. I think your pieces capture the colors in a Tequila Sunrise perfectly. I am finding I haven't had most of the cocktails on this hop, apparently I need to expand my horizons :-)

  6. Those are perfect! I love the colors you chose -they totally match the drink. And I super love how you used chain - totally cute! Thanks for hopping!

  7. Nice. I love the roses you used.

  8. It looks like a Tequila Sunrise to me. Great job on your first Hop.

  9. It does look exactly like your drink - fantastic job!

  10. One of my first drinks (10th grade!!) you really got it in ose earrings - beautiful!!

  11. Your colours are a perfect match for tequila sunrise, gorgeous!
    Deb x

  12. Great pieces - looove the earrings!

  13. wonderful Tequila Sunrise pieces. The necklace is really cool, and your earrings look pretty and delicate.

  14. You really used the colors so well! Now I want a cocktail!

  15. dear All...
    thank you so much for the comments & supports...
    very sorry i still can't reply one by one and still cannot leave comment at your works... but i've seen them all and they're beautiful... some even gave me inspiration... :)
    thanks again... ;D