Friday, June 29, 2012

The Donuts

Been quite a long time since my last post... Well.. not because I have nothing to write, but it's just me.. Busy bee with this and that..:)
For me, writing a post needs an exclusive time. A time when I don't do anything with everything.. :) 
So, I apologize for that... for letting you see the same thing every time you stop by.. 

OK, this topic I want to share now is actually an old one. Coz I had planned to write about this since... 2-3 weeks ago. But then again, I got busy with the chores, with my online shop [that alhamdulillah is running smooth up to now :)], with the 'distractions' that I myself created to compensate my hectic days [should I mention it? OK... went to malls 3 times a week were those distractions haha... ]

Back to the topic.. it's about donuts. Yes, donuts.. or at least I see them as donuts. Some little-hard-colorful-things with the shape of donuts. The seller called them UFOS. I, on the other hand, insisted to call them donuts... ;))
Here they are ..

Picture taken from Manik Jawa, the seller
When I saw these beads in Manik Jawa's April Listing, I fell in love with the unique shape & the colors at first sight. So impulsively like always, I ordered yellow 10 pcs, blue 10 pcs, and red 20 pcs.

Like always, when ordering beads from Manik Jawa, I never had anything in mind of what those beads will become. I just ordered, and what they will become, I think about it later... ;)

So, when these funky beads arrived, first thing came up in my mind was 'crap! what should I do with them??'
As you see in the picture, the hole is exactly in the middle of the bead. That's why I call the donuts instead of UFO ;). I never made anything with this kind of beads before. 
Well, I'm still a baby in this beading zone, so when I bump into something new like this, I got panicked. I didn't have any idea at all for these beads except one : send them to whoever partner I will get in the Bead Soup Blog Party. I know that the rule is 'do not send beads that we want to throw'. But if I 'throw away' the beads to the person who knows how to use them, wouldn't it be better? OK, it's settled that I will just give them all to my partner.

But... One day.. 2-3 weeks ago, when I prepared the stuffs for June's Collection for my online shop, incidentally I try to put a big jump ring into the bead hole. I stared at the shape it became, and suddenly I forgot my plan to give those donuts to my partner [sorry partner... but you'll still get other beautiful beads from me, I promise :)].

Here's the first stuff I made from the donuts 

Yes.. Dancing Donuts is the name for the series. I made earrings from each colors, which, thank God, had been sold except for the blue ones. I also made 2 necklaces from them and they're all sold out ;D

One of my customer requested a key holder using the donuts mixed with other beads full colors, thank God I still had some at that time...

And that's a wrap. Finally I spent all of my donuts into some things... useful.. ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Skull Appreciation Day 2012 Blog Hop

So... this is my 2nd Blog Hop... 

In my Facebook account, I have some jewelry designer/maker/artisan friends. Accidentally, i saw one of my friend 'liked' a page called Skull-a-Day.  And like usual, I always interested with anything related to skull. Curiously, I tried to open the page.. and then of course 'like' it. I browsed the contents... and acknowledged that this page shared a link : Smeared Ink is hosting blog hop for Skull Appreciation Day!
It was just about a week ago I participated in my first blog hop. Then i thought... why not just try another one? Besides, skull is one of my favorite things in the world! I am more than just ready to do my 2nd blog hop! ;)

Some ideas popped up on my mind.. and finally i decided to make a choker & bracelet set. Using blue [one of my favorite colors besides black & white] howlite skull beads, stainless choker, copper jump rings & chains, antique brass flying bat charms, and some more components, here are the results...

I call them Seven Skulls. 

- the choker -

- choker detail # 1 -

- choker detail # 2 -

- the bracelet -

- bracelet detail # 1 -

- bracelet detail # 2 -

- the set -

Now check out other participants great works! Hop now... !

ps. Thanks for including me in this blog hop, Tori :)